The Teezer Fleet Includes a Custom Mako 19ft  and a 28 ft Hydra Sports Vector

hs 2796 full boat 1

Hyrda Sports Vector 2796 with twin 225 Evenrudes

Rich in the rail fly fishing

Mako 192 with 150 Merc

teezer at macorry

Mako notice the front rail for stable fishing

Fleet at home 1

Size difference

2796 side

Vector, offshore shark and tuna machine


My rock hopper, I can get in close to the structure

Back of truck-pro staff

My truck







Teezer-M  4 hour trip $425
Teezer-M  8 hour trip $750
Teezer-M 19ft Mako up to 3 people per trip

Teezer-V  4 hour trip $550
Teezer-V  8 hour trip $950
Teezer-V 28ft Hydra Sports Vector up to 6 people per trip