Busy Weekend Leadfest and Barrington Angler Club

Leadfest 2013 & Barrington Anglers Club

What I busy weekend I had. It started Friday night when a small group of AI club members meet to melt the scarp lead we had collected throughout the year into manageable ingots. This was to get ready for LeadFest on Saturday.

Saturday at 11am guys started gathering for the main event. The Aquidneck Island Striper Team has held this event for the past 4 years. The event has gone beyond just pouring sinkers. We now pour sinkers, snagging hooks, and jigs. We also pour plastics lures like slug-go and hoggies. Club members bring food and drinks and we all have a great time. This year was the most productive year. As I said we poured jigs but the process did not stop there. After the jigs cooled, they went to power coating, after that they went into an oven to cure and harden. Once they came out of the oven and cooled, they were dressed with feathers and bucktail. This was the stage I helped out the most. As a former commercial fly tier, I had the tools and know how to help teach others how to do this. The jigs, of all sizes and shapes, were dressed to custom orders from club members who either tied their own or had the “guy at the vise” do it for them. If you are tying jigs with extra-large hooks you need a vise that can handle them. The Saltwater Edge has a vise especially designed for tying jigs and large flies.

Guided fishing trips Newport ri

Capt. Eric at leadfest


I had not participated in the plastic production last year and really wanted to this year. Again these were custom pours. We poured colors we wanted and inserted jig head we had just poured. We inserted jig hooks into some of the molds. Saturday was truly a day where anything you have ever imaged you could have made.

Guided fishing Newport RI

Cam and friend pouring plastic, rubber lures

Guided fishing in Newport RI

fruits of our labor at leadfest


Sunday I was invited by the Barrington Anglers Club to come and speak on the topic of fishing the different seasons of Rhode Island. I gave a PowerPoint presentation to small but well-organized group of guys, about 20 guys. This presentation was different from the ones I have done in the past. This one was more entertaining than how to. When I do presentations I tailor the show to my audience and take into account the type of show that organization wants. I enjoy doing these presentations, if you have a club and would like me to present for you call or email me. I have presentations for Hardtail fishing RI, Season on the Bay, and I am working on several others.



Capt. Eric Thomas

Guided fishing the waters of Newport RI, Narragansett Bay, RI Sound, and the Sakonett River