Testimonial of the “Sniper” rod

Hi Eric,

Just got back.  Had a great week.  We stayed at Les Trois Jours, a house on Long Bay between Gunners Point and the La Samanna Resort on the west / south west French section of the Island. Everything was great.

Fished every morning on the beach in front of the house. There is a cove where the beach ends at the rocky peninsula that a part of the resort “La Samanna” sits on.

On Saturday morning there was a school of bait in that corner with pelicans diving in, etc. at first light. It was a 10 yard across bait ball of 4″-5″ baby tarpon that the 20- 25 pound tarpons were hitting. Got hooked into four fish with the longest battle being about 2-3 minutes and got that fish to about 15 feet from me before he busted off. Was using small Point Judith (PJ) tins on 20 lb. fluorocarbon and they worked well. The big tarpon left after about 45 minutes and bait moved west along the beach during the day as the original cove section got busy with people and water craft.  Later in the day they were in front of where we stayed and I tried again. Snagged some of the bait with a treble on a very small PJ lure and caught eight, 3-4 lb. jacks with the live bait. Was throwing the fish I caught into a tidal pool behind me to take back to grill and they became an attraction to some of the topless women bathers walking the beach (Like walking a puppy on a busy street). Great day all the way around. (The jacks were good eating from the grill on Sunday night)

The rest of week was not as good. The large bait ball was gone on Sunday morning and so were the big tarpon. Some small pockets of bait here and there that produced more jacks, but most were small. Got shut out two of the seven mornings. With other matters including a wife and friends to enjoy, I did not try any other fishing spots or charter.

Had a great time, especially using for the first time a the new spinning rod that you built . It was sensational in all aspects and achieved all our design hopes. It had no problem with the big tarpon, shot 1 oz. to 2 oz. tins 80 plus yards and was sending the below 1 oz. lures out 50 yards.  Due to the size of the bait I did not throw anything over 2 oz. and was mostly throwing 1 oz. and lower.  Was able to throw the tins and soft baits on a straight shot to the target with a quick snap. I was throwing lures along the face of this rock cliff and did not lose one all week. The rod has good sensitivity for I could feel the small fish when I was trying to snag some live bait with a treble on a tin. The eye placement seems good for it does appear to impair the casting and handled the big fish easily.  Great rod, and it travels well.


Thanks again,