Sniper rod with Micro-wave guides

Sniper rods 3/22/13

I have been working on building several rods for friends. These are rods are built on a special blank that enables the caster to cast every far and accurate. I have upgraded the guides to the newest, latest, greatest guide concept. The Mirco-wave guides, see picture.

Micro-wave 1             micro-wave 2          Micro-wave 3

I have built two rods for a friend in Whaler blue to match the color of his boat. If you have not had a custom rod built you should. When you have a custom rod built you get to choose everything about the rod. You get to choose what type of components you put on your rod. You choose the reel seat, the type of grip (cork or foam or flex wrap), guides, hook keeper, rod butt cap, length of the fore grip and rear grip, and color of the thread. All of these things are choices you can make. Then you can customize where you want each of these components. Do you like a long handle or short? Do you want diamond wraps or just thread bands.

There are several things that I have done with rods that make them my own. One of the things is to put a small thread band on the rod blank 28″ up from the butt cap. This way I can measure a fish without fumbling for a tape measure to check if the striped bass is a keeper. Another thing I do is to put a metallic wrap at the tip of the rod. I do this so I know where the tip is when I am landing a fish. “High Sticking”, my term, meaning holding the rod low and pulling up and backward while bending the tip into a dangerous curve. (This is what breaks a lot of rods.) With the tip wrapped in a bright color I am more aware of what is going on. Yet another reason to have a custom rod is that mass produced rods are not splined. Did you know every rod has a spine? The spine should be properly placed and aligned while you are building a rod. Different rods require different spline placement. A spinning rod, casting rod, or fly rod should all have a different placement of the spline. I will show a video on spline finding when I get that part of my website figured out.

Bottom line- have a custom built or build it yourself!!!!

I have a couple of friends who can build you anything yo can image. Contact me if you would like have a rod built.